Tattoos for Women | Best Tattoo Designs for Women


If you are like me, you are intrigued by tattoo designs for women.

Because of this love, I decided to create this website about tattoos for women, for all South African women that have tattoos and that are crazy about tattoos. This is a platform where we are going to share this love, and share the art that we have on our bodies.

Design of Women’s Tattoos


Tattoos for women are usually feminine in design. The design of these types of tattoos is lady like or girly. Therefore, these tattoos are a preserve for girls. Today, tattoos are more common as opposed to 50 or 60 years ago when these tattoos came to be main stream in modern society. Those girls or ladies that got tattoos five decades ago were seen mostly as eccentric and rebellious. This is not the case today.

All this changed some two decades ago due to celebrities spotting them and making them popular and socially acceptable. Nowadays, female tattoos are viewed to be attractive and sexy. They are not viewed as eccentric or offensive anymore. That being so, there are more women who are spotting tattoos today. Tattoos are a fashion statement that people use to express their taste in certain aspects.

Tattoo styles for Women

Because women have a small body size in terms of morphology, the tattoos for women tend to be smaller as well as more delicately fashioned. The styles of female tattoos are small and pretty as they small and more delicate things are considered to be more feminine. However, this does not mean that women do not usually go for large tattoos, there are those who do. Just that tattoos are less aggressive and less heavy compared to men’s tattoos. The lines tend to be thinner and the colors more feminine.

Top Ten Tattoo Designs for Women

Here are the most popular tattoo designs for women that you can consider.

Butterfly tattoos


These are the most popular subject for tattoos for women. They are beautiful delicate and ideal for feminine design type of tattoos.

Fairy tattoos


These look like cute girls and have a hint of magical powers and a dark side.

Star tattoos


These have a strong symbolic meaning and are one of the oldest symbols for feminine tattoos. They can be small and simple and others can be a combination of other designs. This is the reason they are common as female tattoos.

Heart tattoos


They are a symbol of romance and love and have been popular designs since the early days.

Dragon fly tattoos


A majority of women are not fond this tattoo design. This design is similar to that of butterflies and fairies as there is a slight resemblance to the pattern.

Flower tattoos


The design is very feminine and has natural beauty written all over it. Popular flower tattoo designs include hibiscus, lilies, roses, and cherry blossom and lotus flowers. Each of these flowers has a deep rooted symbolic meaning.

Swallow tattoos


These are sailor jerry types of designs and these tattoos are typical ole-school. Their popularity was regained when the retro designs became fashionable again.

Zodiac tattoos


Zodiac sign tattoos have meaning to those who believe in astrology.

Text Tattoos


These tattoos include verses, quotes or bible phrases. They are popular tattoo designs for women. They can be a combination of different designs or just words written in a nice font.

Best Locations for These Tattoo Designs for Women

These are the most popular designs for feminine tattoos to choose from. You can decide what location you may require the tattoo to be placed. It may be on the lower back, inside the wrist, just above the ankle, the back of the neck, on the back of they should among other locations. A tattoo is a private design that sends out a statement; therefore, the choice is yours to make. If you have made your mind to get tattooed, we can help you find the best tattoo shops near you.Simply enter your address or zip and we will try to find the best tattoo shops in your area.



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