Can You Get a Tattoo Over a Removed Tattoo?


Many people often wonder:

If they can get a fresh new tattoo over an old one?

If they can get a fresh new tattoo over the one they got removed previously?


If they can get a new fresh tattoo after laser removal treatment.


Can You Get a Tattoo Over a Removed Tattoo?

In short the answer is Yes, but to proceed with caution.

It may seem odd or at least it used to till laser removal treatment for tattoos were introduced, to ink the same area which used to hold another design previously.  Many a time’s people find the same place to get tattooed suitable. Using traditional methods to cover up a tattoo does not suit some people as it interferes with their new tattoo design concepts that they want to get.  So what do they do then? They get the old one removed and in with the new strategy. Before all that happens the person’s action start at the laser removal specialist’s office.

What exactly is Laser Tattoo Removal?

A process by which the tattoo removal specialist completely removes your permanent tattoos using special laser equipment. Many factors come into play that determines the time and duration it will take to get the tattoo removed completely. On average it takes three to twelve sessions. The more sessions you are into, more the tattoo pigments are shattered or broken down with the laser which helps your skin remove the pigment more easily. Minimal scarring has been reported to date and the chances are only two percent. Getting yourself tattooed again is an option that is opened again after tattoo removal but if you consider the following.

Can you get a Tattoo over a Removed Tattoo? Yes you can

Among the many regrets and getting your tattoo removed. Most common reasons result from bad or ugly tattoo designs, hiring an unskilled artist and poor planning. You might have lived with it for years. Now you want to cover it or get it removed or some even forgive themselves and just live it.

Pizza Tattoo

Silly jokes or slogans or quotes that at the time you thought would look good but now you don’t want that anymore, unrealistic tattoos and name tattoos are usually on top of the list for removal. Would you really want a tattoo of a burger or pizza on your body? Maybe if you were a successful pizza entrepreneur who owned a chain of restaurants in New York. This is just one of the examples out of many that you may want to avoid to save yourself from long term regret, grief and of course pain both emotionally and physically.

But if you are among those who did already made that mistake. That is where the laser tattoo removal is saving grace for many just like you, which is why you are here reading this. And if you’re one of those who are thinking about getting the same spot tattooed again need the following advice.

Tattoo Removed duration, when will the skin be ready for another tattoo?

When you go through a divorce or bad breakup your soul and mind needs time to heal. Similarly your body has the same requirements i.e., takes time to heal.

It takes a minimum of six to eight weeks to heal which is recommended but it is always best to make sure your skin has healed properly after the treatment. You can do that by verifying it with your laser tattoo removal specialist at the last visit of your removal session or you can do a follow-up visit after your removal sessions have completed. There should not be any signs of bleeding, blistering or any sort of scarring.

When you are sure enough as directed by your doctors. Then it’s official that your previous tattoo is gone for good. Now it’s time to look for a well-known reputable artist so your search begins at the tattoo shops, who can work on your new rejuvenated skin. But this time take your time in choosing the design that is right for you. This time to make sure the tattoo stays there forever…which is the sole purpose of it.

Scaring Of Tissue

Before you rush to get into the chair to be tattooed again, make sure that you follow your tattoo removal specialist’s advice for aftercare. Because it you don’t there are chances that slight scaring of tissue occurs. If that happens it may pose challenges for your tattoo artist since the skin will be uneven and ink won’t distribute as it should. That is why it is also crucial you find a skillful tattoo artist even if that’s the case.

Is it Painful on New skin?

Just a heads up on how getting a new tattoo might feel on your new skin. It will be a different experience than you got it previously done on the same place but it may hurt more. Because the nerve endings are really close to your scar tissue, closer than on the skin which is not laser treated. But you just went through the painful laser treatments and more than once. So this shouldn’t be much of a challenge for you to overcome.

Once you are done with getting that new tattoo, you should follow the aftercare thoroughly. You don’t want to be sloppy with it and cause a shoddy tattoo, in turn causing you to get this one removed too in the near future? Who would want that?


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