How Many Laser Treatments to Remove A Tattoo


A wildly asked question that how many laser treatments to remove a tattoo does it really require, let’s dwell on that question today. Most of the laser treatment uses the estimates by using a Kirby Desai’s tattoo removal scale. What that does is it factors in things like skin type, the age of your tattoo, ink color & where the tattoo is located on the person’s body. That’s how they come up with their estimates. So let’s start with first and foremost.

How Many Laser Treatments to Remove a Tattoo

That factor really depends on all of the below. So let’s start with first and foremost.

Your Skin type

Most of the time the laser treatment institutes use by measuring that fits Patrick scale. It’s a dermatological scale that was made up in the seventies by a dermatologist that rated certain skin types. From one till six where one being the lightest color skin and 6 being the darkest. What they do is that first your skin type is figured out & the factor of laser power settings is adjusted accordingly. Patients with lighter skin types will benefit due to them being able to be more aggressive with the laser power settings. And patients who have higher skin types closer to 6. They will just have to scale back the powers which usually requires a couple more sessions, so it’ll cost a little more.

Quality of Ink in Your Tattoo

Is it professional or is it amateur? Majority the tattoos that are reported for removal sessions are professional. The professional tattoos are of higher quality, and they require more sessions to remove. Amateur or homemade tattoos are much easier to remove because they’re made with a lower quality ink compared to a professional tattoo.


The Age of Your Tattoo

Older tattoos especially the ones that are 10 to 15 years old can be removed much easily and quickly. Whereas newer tattoo’s which are less than a year old will require more sessions to get the kind of results that you are looking for.

Ink Color Used

Generally speaking, darker inks are much easier to remove. Hardest inks to remove are the greens and the yellows. Blacks & Reds are the easiest inks to remove. If you have a black all black tattoo, you will benefit from that decision which you made previously & now you will require much fewer treatments as opposed to a tattoo which is multicolored.

Location of Ink on Your Body

Tattoos that are further away from your heart or your lymphatic system will require more sessions. Here in simple words, lymphatic system helps to get rid of body toxins, waste any unwanted material & consist of a network of organs and tissues.

For example, a tattoo that’s located on your neck will require not as many sessions because it is much more vascular in that area in your body’s lymphatic system and immune system can help in removing the ink much more efficiently If it’s close to your lymphatic system or heart.

The Density of Your Ink

Generally speaking, if the ink density is higher the longer it will take to remove. Tribal tattoos take longer to remove then a black ink shaded tattoo.


If you have any prior scarring in your tattoo then generally it will require a few more sessions to remove because it’s harder for the laser to penetrate to reach the ink through the skin if there is some scarring in your ink.


Your ink layering is also an essential factor in determining how many laser treatments to remove a tattoo.
If you got ink on top of ink or cover ups. Those will require more sessions for removal. Just it’s by simply there being much more ink density in the tattoo, so that’s pretty straight forward if you have a tattoo cover up. That will require more sessions. It’s really hard to know exactly how many sessions are required to get the results that you need without consultations with the professionals. That’s why in-person consultations are so important. So what most tattoo removal facilities provide is a free initial consultation where they will go over all those factors and estimate the number of treatments from there that will benefit you.

Can it be done in a single session?

Tattoo ink is usually removed in a series of sessions, layer by layer. You don’t want to push it the limits in a single session. That gives the skin a little time to recover itself and heal. If you try to remove the ink completely in only once session, its more likely that it will leave a permanent mark on your skin. It may also lead to scaring. But if the removal process is done in sessions and more delicately, the ink can be removed without causing any permanent scaring. So, it is always a good idea to do your treatments in multiple sessions.



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