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How much should a tattoo cost? A question that is on every other persons mind. Prices for tattoos vary, which depends on different factors such as part of body, size, color, place you’re getting tattooed at (location), tattoo difficulty, tattoo artist expertise etc.



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All these factors are broken down for you. So don’t feel overwhelmed. We will take you step by step on each of the 6 factors so you may understand easily that how much should a tattoo cost and you may make your decision on relevant information before getting that tattoo that you want. You can also check out our tattoo price chart to get a better idea of tattoo prices.

Even though this article is written for beginners. However, it is recommended even if you are a seasoned tattoo enthusiast to go through these 6 key points to keep your mind sharp and this information fresh. Prices for tattoo’s can get a bit intricate but if you have these points fresh on your mind then there should be no problem for you.

How Much Should a Tattoo Cost

The Following are the top factors that determine how much should a tattoo cost. In other words these are the factors that determine a tattoo’s cost/price.

Tattoo’s Color

A colored tattoo is pricier than a tattoo that consists of only one color. Reason being that much more detailing goes into a color tattoo because of the variety of colors used in it. So naturally more time it will consume and that increases its price. Since mostly the artists charge by the hour or some by the sitting it really depends from artist to artist. So if you are looking for lower price you should consider a single colored tattoo.


The person who is going to tattoo for you plays the most important role of course. Mostly artists charge depending on their years of experience. The amount of skill they have or the exposure that they receive. If the artist is locally famous then they will charge you more. Some artists charge by the hour or some by the session. It totally depends on them so you have to check with the artist first. Average cost per hour starts from $100 to $300 depending on the tattoo size also.

Tattoo Design

A tattoo with a simple design will be cheap and cost around $50 to 100. But if it is a complex piece, it will be expensive. Because a tattoo design that is complex it consumes the artists time more so they can perfect it for you. Similarly if the design you give the artist from scratch with your original idea then it will also certainly cost more compared to the ones that they have pre-made sitting with them. Tattoo design does play an important role determining the final price.

Studio’s Location

The location or the tattoo studio is also another important factor that influences the cost of tattoo’s that you may get. Their prices clearly differ from each other if you get one from a small city compared to the one you get from a big flourished city. If the tattoo studio or parlor in situated in a vocational spot then their prices will be higher too. To give you an example, a tattoo which costs around $150 in Arkansas compared to the one you get from California will cost you about $300.

Size of Tattoo

This one is fairly simple and straight forward. Small the tattoo lower its price and bigger the tattoo, higher its cost will be. Larger tattoo costs more because of its size, the time that it consumes and more detail that goes into it. Mostly artists prefer doing big tattoos in sessions and not in one go which is easier on the client and provides better results.

Tattoo Placement

Everyone has their own choice of place to get a tattoo. Some like to keep it discrete or some people want to show off their tattoo. That depends from person to person. Some parts of our bodies tend to be more sensitive than others on the skin. It is because of the nerves which have sensitivity receptors. Less sensitive parts cost less than the parts that are more sensitive so they cost more. Areas that are less sensitive include shoulder blades, near the ankle, buttocks, and outer thighs. Whereas sensitive parts include your genitals, hands, feet, sternum and neck.

Consider Quality not Only Cost

If you ask a more seasoned person with tattoos for a sincere advice they will always tell you to go for quality and the cost should not be much of an issue. Why? Because tattoos that are on you will stay with you forever. They are permanent once you get them. Each tattoo has a different story behind it that the person wants to keep. So you want to get a clean and a quality tattoo. Not something that you just get from a suspicious shop with ridiculous low prices or that you don’t have enough money on you at the moment. Better to wait for the right moment or when you have sufficient budget. It will be worth it. If you are ready, you can find some of the best and trustworthy tattoo artists near me using our tattoo shops finder tool.

That is it!

Congratulations. Pat yourself on the back as you just consumed a whole lot of information on how much should a tattoo cost. It was not really so difficult was it? Keeping in mind the six factors that we just mentioned above you will be able to talk like a pro about the price. Do you remember them what are they without peaking. Don’t worry if you didn’t get all of them correct. Let’s do a quick recap.

  1. Tattoo’s Color

  2. Artist

  3. Tattoo Design

  4. Studio’s Location

  5. Size of Tattoo

  6. Tattoo Placement

  7. Consider Quality not Only Cost



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