60+ Top Tribal Sun Tattoo Designs and its Meanings


The Sun has been an important symbol of power since ancient times. And is considered the “Star King” of our solar system. We cannot survive without sun that is why it is considered a very important and significant symbol. The sun was worshiped by many great cultures and civilizations throughout history. The Greeks, Egyptians and Romans considered them a deity and a source of life.

Tribal-Sun-TattooThe suns have always been in the world of tattoos as one of the most popular designs throughout the history. Tribal sun tattoos are very famous these days among both men and women. Today the tribal sun tattoo design is being used more than anything with the meanings of vitality, joy, strength, energy and hope, although for many people the sun is also a symbol of fire and the masculine or virile side of things.

Tribal sun tattoo can be tattooed on any part of the body, although there is a tendency to tattoo it on the left side of the chest emulating the strength of the heart. Other popular locations are the shoulders, hands or hip for women.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Meanings

The Sun is one of the stars that have the most cultural venerations. When astronomical knowledge was scarce, it was thought that the Sun was the center of the universe, and the earth rotated around it, but it was not until a couple of centuries ago that we learned that it is only a great star on which we are highly depended.

Therefore, the meaning of the tribal Sun tattoos, can be grouped in:

Life, vitality, the center of everything: It is a way to show how alive we feel, how much we want to do, to fight, to be full of energy.

Strength, warmth, impetus, courage: with so much energy to transmit, the results will be as expected. It is an amulet to focus on goals, to see the glow of triumph.

Change, a new path in life: it is also seen as that step of maturity that we need, which inspires us to reach. It is also interpreted thus in the sun tattoos with the moon.

Fertility, sexuality, vitality: for many cultures is also a way to show the ability to reproduce sexually, a sign of vitality.

Images of Tribal Sun Tattoos

We will start by showing the most typical tribal sun tattoos. The best places for a tribal sun tattoos include hands, arms and feet.

Usually black designs are used, very simple and most are small, enclosing great meaning.

Tribal Sun Tattoos for Women

For women, tribal sun tattoos have a special meaning of fertility, of wanting to live to the maximum every moment.

For women wearing tribal sun tattoo on the back is very common. It’s like keeping a great message that only the special can know.

Tribal Sun Tattoos for Men

Unique Tribal Sun Tattoos

Having a completely exclusive design is something that we all want in our bodyworks. In this case we are going to show you some very unique tribal Sun tattoos.

Colored Tribal Sun Tattoos

It’s very rare to see tribal sun tattoos in colors because most people like it in simple black. But there are always exceptions.

Tribal Sun Tattoos with Moon

Many like to make the Tattoos of a Sun with a Moon. It is considered as a sign of change, of remembering that there are two sides to life. It is also seen with a sexual influence and union of the couple.

Aztec Sun Tattoos

Among lovers of Mexican culture, this is one of the most liked tattoos for its transcendence and history.

Maori Tribal Sun Tattoos

Also for lovers of Maori cultures. Tattooing a Maorie sun brings a lot of commitment.

Japanese and Nascent Tribal Sun Tattoos

One way to show a change in our lives is through a rising sun tattoo. It is the point where everything begins, where there is no turning back.

A rising Japanese sun tattoo, usually red in color, have meaning similar, but with more cultural and historical weight. This was the symbol of the Japanese nation on its national flag until 1945. Even today, its strong impact remains.

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